Single-Phase Submersible Transformer

This type of transformers significantly helps in the maintenance of electric lines, as they are less subject to weather variations. The use of these systems is rapidly growing in Mexico.

They are indistinctively applied in businesses, residential areas, sports areas, shopping centers, urban developments, and recreational centers.


  • NOM-002-SEDE/ENER, CFEK0000-19, NMX-J-287-ANCE, NMX-J-116-ANCE and NMX-J-123-ANCE
  • Insulation with thermal capacity for 55o C
  • Self-cooling in insulating liquid
  • Corrosion-resistant coating system in salt fog chamber up to 2016 hours
  • Average life above 20 years


General Advantages

  • 6 years guarantee, widest in the market
  • LAPEM (CFE) certificate
  • Quick installation
  • Low maintenance required
  • Harmony and environmental esthetics
  • Average life over 20 years
  • World-class technological processes
  • Over 70 years of expertise

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